Zaban Daraz  2 February 2019 | Episode 8
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Zaban Daraz 2 February 2019 | Episode 8

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Zaban Daraz 2 February 2019 | زُبان دَراز | Episode 8

Zaban Daraz is a talk show filled with deep humour and political satire hosted by Dr. Omer Adil on Public News. Dr. Omer Adil hosts the show with the team consisting of Jawad Waseem, Gulfam, Shahid Khan, Dr. Arooba, Chand Baral and Basit Ali.

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Team Members:
Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain | Saeed Qazi | Zulfiqar Rahat | Ehtisham ul Haq | Farha Sadia | Owais Tohid | Sundas Khan | Haider Mehdi | Faisal Qureshi | Owais Tohid | Muhammad Ali Durrani | Muzamal Suharwardy | Dr Umar Adil | Jawad Waseem | Gulfam | Shahid Khan | Dr Arooba | Chand Baral | Basit Ali


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