Aap Janab | Working Women in Pakistan | Makeup Artists and their issues | Ep 48 | Aap News
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Aap Janab | Working Women in Pakistan | Makeup Artists and their issues | Ep 48 | Aap News

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1- Working Women in Pakistan
2- Makeup Artists and their issues

A show that offers you humor, satire, critique, analysis, as well as a lot of fun!
Aap Janab is a show that caters to YOU! , the audience. Our show challenges the norms of mainstream political correctness and discusses serious issues in a manner that not only contributes to your learning but does that in a light hearted manner. We discuss politics, art, society and culture but do so in an unorthodox way.
Asad, Fizza and Ali each bring their expertise and unique personalities to create a nice blend of delicious but feisty dialogue!

While Asad is a seasoned journalist ,we can say that journalism runs in the family. Apart from running a print media house successfully, he is a rationalist at heart who relies on facts and figures to nourish his arguments. He does not let himself be swayed by emotions or instincts, rather, he is a man of objectivity.

Ali is more of an all rounder. A lyricist, a writer, singer, and the list goes on. He is passionate about cricket and his country. He uses humor and satire to express opinions that carry a lot of weight. He can be quite spontaneous and uncensored in the pursuit of truth.

Fizza is just Fizza! If her dazzling personality is not sufficient to charm you, you may know that she is an avid speaker and writer of Chinese language. Arts, language and culture is what inspires her and most of all, her empathy is what drives her passion to be a beacon of change.
Different flavors, one cocktail!

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