Q&A with PJ Mir | How to deal with JUI (F)'s 'Azadi' March...Government reaches out to Allies
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Q&A with PJ Mir | How to deal with JUI (F)'s 'Azadi' March…Government reaches out to Allies

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Watch Q&A with PJ Mir and a panel of experts including Ahmed Jawad, Atta ur Rehman and Abbas Khan Afridi.

1- How to deal with JUI (F)’s ‘Azadi’ March…Government reaches out to Allies
2- Will Maulana Fazal ur Rehman’s ‘Azadi’ March succeed in its attempt to topple government?
3- Pakistan to play role of mediator between Iran and Saudi Arabia
4- Indian Defence Minister threatens Pakistan once again

P.J. Mir is back with Aap News’s show ‘Q&A’ – a current affairs talk show that will host a panel of analysts and leading politicians to elucidate on the latest political happenings. Catch this show on Aap News for a thorough insight into significant local and global news.

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