The only skill you need to excel in life | Javed Chaudhry

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The only skill you need to excel in life | Javed Chaudhry

Spoken English is the top opted course across the world. Because it’s easier to write a foreign language like English than Speak it. Do you feel anxious in public speaking? Are you not confident in your knowledge of the foreign? If you feel either of them then we are here to help you with our amazing course for Spoken English.
Mind Changer is bringing you this opportunity to learn these courses at an affordable price with a qualified instructor.
The package Includes:
1. Live sessions on Zoom App.
2. Course fee : Beginner Level is for 5199/- pkr, Intermediate level is for 7199/- pkr, Advanced Level is for 10199/- pkr.
3. Four weekday classes from Monday to Thursday.
4. Weekly assignments and tasks.
5. WhatsApp class groups for assistance and queries.
6. Verified e-certificates for every participant.
Hardcopy Certification and Recommendation Letters are optional at the end of training with additional minimal charges. Courier delivery would be at a given address.
Outcome of Three Month Training:
1. Command over English language skills.
2. Efficient sentence utterance.
3. Effective formal and informal commands.
4. Confidence in speaking in front of people.
DM now to REGISTER for the course.
Instagram: @mindchangerpk
WhatsApp: (+92 341 6700 209), (+92 309 6800 435), (+92 335 9852 334), (+92 344 5515 782)

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