Nawaz Sharif’s recreated narrative,establishment’s sleeper cell, Bandiyal’s phone call & Imran Riaz

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In this V-log #MJtv discusses the seemingly refurbished narrative of Nawaz Sharif which many see as a possible cause of trouble with the established before the former returns to Pakistan on 21 Oct 2023. The reaction of some former and current journalist to Nawaz Sharif’s renewed attacks on former army chief and his spy chief Gen Bajwa and Gen Faiz is also being analysed here. The mysterious phone call made by former chief justice Umer Ata Bandiyal 19 days before his retirement has also been discussed. In the end Retirn of Imran Riaz Khan, a journalist and V-logger after a disappearance of over 137 days has also been analysed and lessons to be learnt by journalists in this regard.